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Reed Diffuser Spa Series

RM 49.00

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Oh Lilin Reed Diffuser Spa Series

Oh Lilin, known for our selection of scents, is pleased to introduce our specially curated spa series!

Spa Scent Series
1. Barcelona - For a nice, innocent and clean scent. Very soft and light! white musk and honey
2. Morocco - For a sophisticated amber scent of Moroccan rose, blackcurrant, white musk and peach
3. Kyoto - Refreshing light floral with lavender, bergamot, honey, balsamic and musk
4. Capri – A delicious fruity fragrance composed of sweet raspberry, strawberry, peach with a touch of zesty citrus of lemon, lime and orange!
5. Mēn (new) - A masculine and attractive scent, made with rosewood, sandalwood, agarwood and amber. Great for those who prefers a little sexy masculine vibe!
6. Osaka (new) -  Clean scent of pink Himalayan salt with a touch of pink salt and cherry blossom. A soul cleansing scent!
7. Casablanca (new) - It’s a beautiful scent of cedar wood with a lovely twist of citrus! A great addition to any room. Very endearing and refreshing!

Each unit contains 100ml and will last for 3 months. Suitable for home or office use.

  Each order contains:
  1 x 100ml Reed Diffuser
  5 Home Diffuser Sticks
  Instruction and care card

Start with 3 home diffuser sticks, and increase the number of sticks according to preference.
Please read instruction card on how to kickstart the reed diffuser for maximum scent throw.

More sticks will diffuse more scent to the air. Happy scenting!

Always remember to turn the sticks upside down regularly to ensure continuous fragrance!

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